Game Console Repair

We repair many types of game console.

The most popular repair game consoles include:

• Playstation 3     • Playstation 4     • Nintendo Wii     • Wii-U     • xBox360

If you have problem with your game console then please give us call on  or  email us to us:

Most common issues are:-

• No Video                                                  • Overheating

• Freezing                                                  • Disc Stuck

• HDMI Port Damaged                              • No Reading any Disc

• Not Turning ON (Dead Condition)        • Clicking or Grinding Noise

• Console Keep Restarting                       • Does Not Stay ON

We also repair Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, including broken screen replacement and many more.

We will diagnose and heal up your console.  Providing excellence in things we do.

Our most popular services
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