Donate Your Faulty or Unwanted Laptop

So why is it important to recycle old computer equipment?

Well, we call it e-waste  -  and it includes everything from your old unused laptop, all the way through to the old printer tucked away in the corner.

Sadly we can't simply throw old computer equipment out with the regular household waste.
Many of the components used in electronic devices, contain toxic elements, which could easily contaminate our environment.

It is therefore important that we, whenever possible, reuse old equipment  - or otherwise, responsibly dispose of it.

Donate or Recycle Old Laptops
Donate or Recycle Damaged Laptops
So what should we do?

If you have any faulty or unwanted laptop equipment, simply give us a call on 079 00 66 88 88, or e-mail, and we'll arrange to have it collected.

Rest assured, we'll put your old equipment to good use.   For example - We use donated equipment to educate our newbies on the inner workings of computers.

And in more practical terms, your faulty or unwanted laptop could quite easily help someone gain the necessary skills in order to jump-start a whole new career!

Important - Please know that we do NOT repair or sell on your donated items - hence we seek NO financial gain from any such donated equipment.

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